Gert Emmens G
The Nearest Faraway Place Vol 3
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(Excerpt from track 'Part 20')
CD / 8 tracks / 76.50 mins

The CD follows on from Vol 2, with ‘Part 15’ of the series. A high register sequence surges through a swirling backing, seeming to gain energy as it goes. A gorgeous silken melody provides a softening contrast. This is an uplifting opener full of positive energy which packs quite a punch. ‘Part 16’ features lonesome guitar tones over dreamy, shimmering pads. A skipping sequence becomes the main feature but the track really takes off with the second bass laden line of pulsations and tranquil guitar lead. Things never get over the top, just enough syncopation to get the head gently nodding. The next part is initially all rather soothing, shimmering like a heat haze until suddenly things take a darker twist. An urgent sequence belts forward but then brighter pads return, lightening the mood once more. ‘Part 18’ begins with street sounds and the chiming of a clock. Bright pulsations create a happy atmosphere over which hover soothing melodic motifs. More little guitar touches increase the feeling of well being still further. The following track is also rather beautiful, crystalline note droplets weaving a wonderful picture all of their own. This is delicate stuff enhanced by a gorgeous lush backing. All is change just before the fifth minute however as an excellent chugging sequence leaps forward. Ethereal pads get the 20th Part underway. Just close your eyes and let the wonderful sonic textures sooth your mind. As in previous tracks however, just before the half way mark, a sequence makes an entrance. This time a second soon comes to join the first. Lead pads swell and as we go on things become increasingly euphoric. Vocoded speech introduces the penultimate part before things morph into more dreamy atmos. The album comes to an end with the appropriately titled ‘Conclusion’. It’s a rather symphonic sounding piece, again beautiful but also with a touch of melancholy. DL

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