Mark Dwane
Paradigm Shift
Here we have Mark’s fourth album played entirely on midi guitar, but you would not know it. There is very little recognisable guitar on the album. Most of it sounds like it was produced on vast banks of synths. The music on the whole album comes over like a wall of sound composed of layer upon layer of melody and rhythm. The first track is the title number and chugs along quite nicely and sets the mood for the superb second track ‘The Ancients’. The lovely lead lines float over a great, rather ethnic sounding, rhythm that in no way is world music, just a perfectly crafted slice of modern melodic EM. The next track ‘Giza’ has a rather eastern feel with another top notch lead line which mutates superbly after 3½ minutes. The ‘Pleiadian Paradigm’ opens in a very atmospheric, other worldly fashion until after 2½ minutes a tinkling sequencer is heard and the main melody develops. ‘Voice of the Future’ returns to a rather chugging rhythm and again those beautiful melodies. A strummed metallic sound introduces the final track ‘Paragons of Light’ which closes the album on a laid back atmospheric note. (DL)

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